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Shoeless Joe Jackson Museum

Lemon Peel Baseball


Image of Lemon Peel Baseball

Replica 1859 – 1860 Lemon Peel Base Ball

Historical Note: Organized baseball has been played in American since before the Civil War. A lemon peel baseball was found and retrieved on the grounds of the Battle of Shiloh in southwestern Tennessee in 1862. The ball is inscribed: "Picked Up on the Battle Field at Shiloh by G.F."

This 4-piece hand stitched leather skinned baseball was one of the first style baseballs used. Dark leather was used for the cover because it was readily available and easier for the players to see when the ball was hit in the air on a clear day. This ball is 9¾ inches in circumference, weighs 5¾ ounces, and conforms to the specifications of the National Association of Base Ball Players for 1859 and 1860.